The 31st running of the Novartis 10K Run as held April 20th out at Holmes Lake in Lincoln, NE.  The race is hosted by the Lincoln Track Club and 20130512_092507is a two week tune up for the Lincoln Marathon.  Holmes Lake is also the site for the 20 mile point in Lincoln and has been a difficult place for me over the last three years doing the full.  The run starts on the street north of the park, loops through the park once and then heads out of the park and down the hill via the marathon route.  It was a very familiar location for me and a good way to run that route for confidence.  So often I have been exhausted at that point in the race, I was just glad to be running 6.2 miles and not 26.2!

The race finishes by coming back up the hill that lead you into the park (again, part of the marathon route) and into the finish!  I had a strong finish and was happy with the time. 318 people ran in the race. With a late start of 9am and chilly morning, I didn’t get back into Bellevue until just before noon.  It made for a long morning.  The race however, was very inexpensive.  Like $16!  I am trying to support smaller and cheaper races this year.  This one fit for sure!

I met Mike, another runner about the same speed, size and pace and we ran from about the 2 mile mark to the finish.  With it only being the seconded timed 10K of the year, I was happy with the time.  Tuning up for the Lincoln half was the goal and that goal was accomplished!

Novartis Results