20130512_100530When I attempted to run this race 2 years ago, the weather turned on us and we had cold conditions with blowing snow.  I remember waking up to a hollowing wind and thinking, “I don’t need to run that bad today!” and went back to bed. (See that post here)  4 weeks later a package arrived with my shirt and race bibs and I thought, wow, they didn’t have to do that!  It was really nice of them in the days of over booked races.

I did skip last year while I was training of the Lincoln Full.  I had a great training partner and we were getting some serious miles in on the weekends.  With just the half ahead for me this year and with Dave not running in Lincoln, I could sneak a few 10K races in before the 13.1 mile run on May 5th.

459238_10151389132021074_2111867714_oTo my surprise this year, I ran into Omaha running legend and the only winner of Trek up the Tower since it began 6 years ago, Ivan Marsh!  I had the change to interview Ivan several years ago for the Fitness Tech Podcast and he is super nice guy besides being very fast!  It was great seeing him there!  He ran both the 10K and 5K races and

It’s a very simple out and back course along the MoPac Train in Lincoln.  Flat and fast, it should gather more than the 100 participants that it does.  With a 2013 PR of 50:28 and trip home that included Starbucks and an egg and sausage breakfast sandwich with Sarah, it couldn’t have been a better morning!  I will see you again next year Eagle Fun Run!

As of this posting, there were no official results posted.