20130512_110524May 6th, 2013 – The big running event for me each spring has to be the Lincoln Marathon.  I have run it 4 years in a row now and completed it 3 times at the full distance.  With a 4:33 in 2010, 4:27 in 2011 and a PR of 4:08 in 2012, this year I opted to take it down to the half distance of 13.1 miles and enjoy some training time to myself this year.  Still running 20 to 30 miles a week and getting 6 to 10 in on the weekends, I felt this would be a race I could walk into without a bunch of extra training.  I was right!

923270_10151467211413473_861245427_nNot only was the race weather perfect, but the race itself was fantastic.  Not having to go on and do a full was great this year.  A group of us started with the 1:55 pace group but I felt good enough to leave that group at the 2 mile point and try to hunt down the 1:50 pacers.  Since it is a staggered start, I didn’t just have to overcome 5 minutes, but about 8 or 9 to catch that group.  While I never caught them physically, I did complete thCapturee race in just over 1 hour and 50 minutes.  Official time was 1:50:26.  All in all a great day to not only running a half marathon, but running with 65+ other runners from Gallup.  Amazing work by Ryan Wolf and Heidi Husk to put so many runners in this race.  Congrats to Ryan as well for finishing with a great time in spite of having some very sore and hurting legs.  Way to set the bar high for all of us Ryan!

Some thing discovered after the fact was that the printer put the wrong year on the bibs this go around.  This was the 36th annual running and on the bibs it said 35th.  Hard to believe no one caught this until long after the race.  Maybe that will make the bibs a collectors item some day?

The race conditions were perfect.  With a starting race temp of just over 40 degrees and cloud cover most of the morning, the course was easier than in years past.  I was almost wishing that this had been a year for a full!  It always heats up for the second half of the marathon and this year it stayed cool well into the race for those running 26.2 miles.  They gave out reflective blankets at the end of the race for the first time since I have run it and those were handy.  I was able to cheer a few halfers in and then go out and cheer some fullers in as well.

Lincoln 2013I was able to pick up Staci Bedel at mile 24 and run her in the rest of the way. It was nice to not be the one finishing the full this year and encouraging others!  So many times I have been the one coming in dead and others have lifted me up at the finish!  Congrats to all who competed both races!

As always, the race was run very well and the crowd support was fantastic. While this race is hard to get into (it sells out in hours now) and there are always way too many people on the road, this is still a favorite race.  Every year I say this is my last, and every spring I come running back.  See you in 2014 Lincoln.  I am hooked on the half!


Lincoln Time Results