263383_10151417991006074_1024831680_nIt was 5 years ago this week that I decided to run again. It was a decision that would alter the course of my life.  I will never regret it!

It was 3 years ago this week I also wrote a post for Carrie Adams’ blog titled Stumbling Into It – The Average Guy’s Fitness Journey.  That can still be found at http://carriea81.blogspot.com/2010/12/stumbling-into-itthe-average-guys.html This post summerized my first two years in this first five.  If you are new to my blog, it’s a great place to start.

I never started out with this goal in mind:  Run and run a lot.  It just kind of happened.  The first 5 years were capped with 5 Marathons (3 in Lincoln, 1 in Omaha and my first in Kansas City), a handful of halves, including Grand Island, a couple in Omaha, a couple in Lincoln and too may race and training 10Ks to count.  You can see all the race bibs I have collected at http://theaverageguy.me/category/race-bibs/.  It’s a good reminder of all the miles I have accomplished.  I am very proud of it!

I have lots of very fond memories of running over the last half decade.

  • 36371_408538169795_3797809_nWe ran up Mt. Evans in Colorado.  A 14.5 mile race that started at 10,000 feet and ended at 14,500!  From Dave Seevers – http://davidseevers.blogspot.com/2010/06/mt-evans-ascent.html
  • I twice ran the State Farm 10 Mile race twice to get 20 for the day.  Once with Carrie Adams and once with Dave Cihal.  I think it snowed both times.  It rained the first year I ran it.  The year I ran it with Carrie, she tried to stop me from running at the end by shouting, "pause activity! pause activity!"
  • A long and great day at the Market to Market 80 mile relay race from Omaha to Lincoln.
  • Two years in a row, Dave and I claiming that the year would be "run for fun" and it never worked out that way.
  • Climbing up the 40 flights at the First National Bank Tower 5 years in a row!  One year, Dave and I ran a full half marathon after it.  The second year I tried, but 11 was all I could do!  Another year we podcasted the event.
  • Getting better times with each Marathon, finishing the last one in just over 4 hours!  Ryan Wolf was there for every single one of them!
  • Lots of very cold and very hot training runs.  Plenty of times I wanted to quit. A few times I did.
  • I once ran the Las Vegas strip from south to north and then back for a perfect 10K.  I once ran from the north of the strip to Fremont St.  That was interesting!
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923270_10151467211413473_861245427_n 2013-Trek-Up-The-Tower-Medal photo_431

The fall of 2013 has been an interesting one for me however.  With a nagging groin injury from the summer and lots of work to do at Gallup, running took a well needed back seat.  It was time to heal and time to rest.  I’m not sad about that part at all.  It was a season!

Now 2014 looms and my second 5 years of running begins.  Why a second 5 years?  That’s a good question.

Running for me is more about culture and less about time (on the clock).  It’s more about the people I run with than the races I finish.  It’s more about doing what others can, but won’t.  It’s about the memories, the event and all the preparation leading up to it.  It’s about staying with it and knowing when to shut it down.  It’s about friends and seeing those friends do all of the above.  I don’t love it, but I need it.  It’s crazy!

So the next round of training is set to kick off!  Omaha’s Trek up the Tower is locked in for February 22 and tickets go one sale at midnight for the Lincoln Half Marathon in May.  Schedules are written, there are miles to be run, stairs to be climbed and lots of other stuff in between.  Oh yea…there are new memories to be made!

Starting on the next 5…