It was a good start to 2014!  With just 7 miles down for the week, I was excited not to push it too hard in my first week back.  Body feels good.  Groin injury feel better.  Got the stairs in on Monday and Friday.  Success.

Leprechaun-Chase-Picture-of-JimRegistered for the Leprechaun Chase on March 8th today.  I have run this the last 3 years and it’s always a great race!  It always sells out.  Figured I would get in while I can!  Registration fees are just short of $40

Found a race that I haven’t run before call Heat the Streets that takes place on March 1 here in Midtown Omaha.  It’s fits perfectly into the training plan and even has a race preview that fits in after Trek up the Tower on Feb 22.  I’m sure it will not sell out so I will register last minute for this one.

Week in review:


More of the same next week.  Will add time to the stairs and track in on Runkeeper.  Still looking for that Fitbit Force that seems to never be in stock and looking forward to a couple good runs next week.

What is coming:

Overall schedule