The 5th annual running of the Omaha Leprechaun Chase put 1110 gals against 623 guys in the race where guys chase girls for free beer.  The girls won this year and now lead 3 – 2. 

LC2014resultsIt was a sunny day and a great day for running.  Temps in the high 40s and lots of sun.  No wind to speak of and the rolling hills of Mahoney State park were just what the doctor ordered.  51:28 is the fastest 10K I have run in quite some time and it was good to do it on this course. 

LCLogoI couldn’t find anyone I knew after the race so I left early. Really bad green beer alone is no fun.

The had a video at the finish line and ran it for the entire finish.  I had never seen what I look like at the end of the race.  It was kind of a treat!

IMG_1459 scan0002 (2)