surfupthetowerFirst National Bank Tower, Omaha NE – Feb 22, 2014

For the 6th year in a row (the longest streak for me), the climb up 40 flights at the First National Bank tower is complete.  With a 222nd place out of 1818 and 17th in my age group out of 105, I walk away feeling good about it.  I also paced some first timers, Lianne clocking 7:35 with me and 2nd in her age division.

trek time

post trek runWP_20140316_003With better training this year and the institution of “Hundy Munday” (100 flights every Monday) and most Fridays, my time increase by almost 10 seconds.  With a 7:35 and a move in the positive direction, it was a good time.

After the climb, Dave and I headed out for our annual post climb “recovery” run. He ran 10 and I ran 6.  This has become a very good tradition over the years.  Running as much as 13 in some years, the stairs don’t seem so bad.

With some new training plans in place for next year, looks like I need to shoot for that 7:00 mark.  One can always hope!

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