May 4, 2014 – I am trying out a new training plan for 2014.  Run less days, but run greater distances.  Since February, Dave and I have added a component called “Hundy Mundy” is consists of 100 flights of stairs every Monday.  Adding 10Ks on Tuesday and Thursday and a long run of 6 to 10 on the weekends, it seems that I am enjoying each run more.  Not sure it has done much for my time, but that is another story.

Lincoln MapI felt very prepared for the 2014 Lincoln Half Marathon this year.  The only worry I had was with some issues I have had with breathing this spring.  Just not able to get control over it at times and it’s uncomfortable at others.  My training run times has come down from the 9s in early December to mid 8s by April.  I was making progress.

Weight also is playing a factor.  When I took 6 months off to heal last fall, I put back on about 10 that I had lost before.  10 pounds makes a big difference.  I am in the process of losing that right now.

This years installment of the race was my 5th year in a row!  I now have 5 Lincoln medals to show for all these runs.  This year it was good to have Dave back at the race.  He had taken last year off.  I met Dave at 4:45am in the parking lot of McDonalds at 84th Street and we made the trek to Lincoln.  Arriving just after 5:45, we got rock star parking and was able to work through the morning very easy.  Pictures at 6:40 and the race started at 7.

Gallup8x10-1 20140504_201928 (1) lincoln finish

I had some thoughts of maybe a 1:45 finish this year.  If everything went right, it was possible.  I started the race with John Ogren and we took a quick pace out of the start.  I should have warmed up better.  My shins tightened up and the first two miles were very uncomfortable.  It took several miles for them to loosen up and by that time John was well out in front.  It was a tough start and I never really felt strong or in control.  For most of the race I concentrated on music and keeping it together.  Honestly, I don’t really remember most of it.  I guess it was focus.

Finishing the race at 1:52 was great, but looking back at last years 1:50, I felt like I should have done better.  I will need to do some tweaking this summer with the training and see how things go.  Dropping some weight should help.

Dave came in at 3:20 for the full.  It was a tough day for the full marathoners as they had to face some stiff wind.  It wasn’t that bad on the half.  Since I know you will read this Dave, nice work!  I really enjoy running with you each week and you are a tremendous running partner.

Lincoln Results mtec

Race finish video: