May 11, 2014 – On a rainy and cold morning, 111 participants braved the elements, dodged between thunderstorms and got in the 7th Annual Bellevue-Offutt Runway Run.  I have run this race many times (see and its always great.  The race started 20 minutes late due to weather that was moving through the area.  With lighting, they were very hesitant about letting us on the course.  Eventually, the first of two systems passed and we have a one hour window in order to get the race completed.  The base commander of the 55th wing had a bus follow the group just in case the second storm struck early.  It didn’t and everyone completed the course.  As soon as the race was over, it poured!

offutt mapWith an official time of 57:49, I was off my pace of 56:10 from last year and an all time PR of 53:13 that I set in 2010.  In that year, I went on to set a Half Marathon PR of 1:47 at Papillion the very next week!  While I was almost 2 minutes slower this year, the cold, pelting rain had to be a factor.  None the less, I enjoyed the run.

Big change to the course this year.  Instead of running through the base, it was literally a run up and down the runway.  While that meant more time on the runway itself, it wasn’t as interesting as winding through the base.  That being said, it was still very cool.  They had 3 planes out this year.

As always, the chamber does a great job supporting this event.  It’s one that will always be on my list, no matter what!

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