CorpCup2014The experience was so bad last year, I didn’t even write about it.  Not enough training, not enough running, but some how I finished it.  This year was no different.  Struggling to stay healthy and with workouts not consistent, this year turned out a lot like last year.  A bit slower at 59:02 and lots of pain afterwards, I got it done,

The weather was the best I have seen in the 7 years I have done this race.  Thinking that I might actually walk the race, I wasn’t that pumped to get it done.  I got up late, barely make it to the Gallup picture on time and made by way over to the start line.

Route chip time

I ran the first mile thinking that would be it.  But after 1, 2 seemed like it would work out.  3 was good, 4 got better and 5 and 6 were tough be I got it done.  Just under and hour and not the best, but I finished and only walked once.

I have to get back to actually getting ready for this race.  It always comes after a long summer and terrible training.  Maybe next year…