I met Ryan Wolf at the end of the climb to post race bananas and some discussion around that fact that he and I have now completed 7 of these in a row!  Hard to believe that I only missed the first 2!

I spent the week in Washington DC right before the race this year and due to poor planning and weather, didn’t really get many workouts in.  I have been fairly consistent since December, so while my overall time was slower this year, it felt good just to work the steps.  Coming in at 7:56 was not the best time ever, but also not the worst I have done either.  You can catch all 7 years of results at http://theaverageguy.me/category/race-bibs/


Name: JIM COLLISON                      
Time:    7:56
Overall Place: 285 of 1848  
Place in Gender: 240 of 885  
Place in Age Division: 24 of 93 

10368439_996194787109919_8652490054075993956_n TrekResults

I pretty quick race this year.  Start time of 8:30am, on the stairs by 8:45 and down in the lobby by 9:00am.  I had missed most of the early Gallup group.


Here are some fun facts about the event and stair climbing:
• A 175lb person burns 358 calories in just 30 minutes by climbing stairs.
• First National Tower is the tallest building between Chicago and Denver and offers a
view from the highest point in Omaha.
• The record to complete the 870‐stair climb was 4 minutes and 24 seconds, set in
• Trek up the Tower has reached its maximum number of participants prior to race
day every year.

Trek Up the Tower is Omaha’s premier vertical challenge race. Participants race up 870 steps to the top of the First National Tower in downtown Omaha. Register at http://www.trekupthetower.org/

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