The 2015 installment of the Lincoln Half Marathon was not without it’s challenges.  With it being one of the hottest races I have attended so far, we saw a morning temp of 65 degrees at the start and the sun had still yet to come up.  It was well into the mid 70s by the finish and a lot of runners were struggling.  I drank lots of water and Gatorade at every station and poured water over my head each chance I got.  Run slow and stay cool was my goal for the day.  It paid off for sure.

Lincoln 2015

The shoes I have been using for training were too narrow from the start.  I should have ditched them and gotten others, but I didn’t. At about mile 8, I could feel the blisters coming on and they didn’t let me down.  Two big toe blisters on the forth toe of each foot.  Not too bad, but uncomfortable enough on a long, hot run.  Ouch. I will need new shoes again for the next run of 6 or more miles

Lincoln Route

For the first time since I have run this race, the shirts were great.  I have it pictured below with the metal, which was also very nice.  I hope they finally got the message they needed a better designer.  Nice job this year!


This will be my last run for the spring of 2015 and I have no races scheduled for the summer.  Corporate cup is up next and I will now shift my workouts from running endurance to speed and core over the summer.  Bike rides, elliptical and short fast runs are on the schedule.  I am looking forward to a Summer of Strength!

results lincoln

Lincoln Splits

Half Marathon Results: